Serving Laborer Locals 582 and 1035 in Boone, Kane, Kendall & McHenry Counties.

To Our Participants

The Fund Office is located at 2371 Bowes Road, Suite 500, Elgin, Illinois. Click on the About Us tab located on the right sidebar to learn more about the FOX VALLEY LABORERS HEALTH AND WELFARE FUND and the FOX VALLEY & VICINITY LABORERS PENSION FUND. Click on Forms to access claim forms, enrollment forms, change of address forms, and pension applications. Click on Contact Us to send us questions you may have about your benefits.

We also have Summary Plan Description booklets for both the HEALTH AND WELFARE FUND and the PENSION FUND. These booklets explain the most important plan features and summarize the benefits provided by the FUNDS. You can either contact us through this website or by calling the Fund Office.

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